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Canberra Museum & Gallery

About Canberra Museum & Gallery

Canberra Museum and Gallery, located in the heart of the city, is a lively destination that showcases the social history and visual arts of the region through engaging exhibitions and unique programs and events. This vibrant place is situated in Canberra, a youthful city nestled on an ancient continent. Despite its rich and diverse history, Canberra constantly evolves to embrace new narratives of belonging and expressions of identity. Explore the fascinating transformations of this city through the compelling exhibition “Canberra Place and People,” featuring stories of both the indigenous inhabitants and the immigrants who have settled here.

The Cultural Facilities Corporation (CFC), a division of the ACT Government, oversees and operates ACT Museums and Galleries (CMAG). This administrative unit was established under the Cultural Facilities Corporation Act 1997 to handle the management and growth of various significant cultural assets in the ACT. These assets include the Canberra Theatre, the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the Nolan Collection, and ACT Historic Places such as Lanyon Homestead, Calthorpes’ House, and Mugga Mugga. The CFC’s scope of responsibilities extends across various areas, including the performing arts, visual arts, social history, and cultural heritage management.

Canberra Museum & Gallery

What to do at Canberra Museum & Gallery

ACT Museums and Galleries, which include the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the Nolan Collection, and ACT Historic Places (Lanyon, Calthorpes’ House, and Mugga Mugga), offer various cultural services to the community. These services involve organizing exhibitions and public and education programs, as well as preserving and displaying important elements of the ACT’s cultural heritage. CMAG, a part of ACT Museums and Galleries, provides a diverse range of interactive and educational experiences for students from K-12, including storytelling, art creation, and engagement with exhibitions. Additionally, educators can access online resources on the CMAG website.

Canberra Museum and Gallery, on behalf of the Australian Government, manages The Foundation Collection of Sir Sidney Nolan’s paintings, which were donated by the artist to the people of Australia in 1974. In addition to this, the museum also showcases the stories of both the long-standing residents of the country and those who have immigrated here to build their lives. These narratives are told through various mediums, such as everyday objects, artwork, purposefully creative designs, and engaging moving images designed for screens of all sizes. Canberra’s role as the place where nationhood found its home sets it apart from any other city.

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