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National Portrait Gallery

About the National Portrait Gallery

The NPGA, located in Canberra, is an art gallery that showcases portraits of well-known Australians. It was founded in 1998 and later relocated to its current location on King Edward Terrace in December 2008. The collection was originally established in May 1998 and was housed in Old Parliament House and a nearby gallery on Commonwealth Place until 2008. The gallery’s status as an independent institution was solidified in 1999 when displays were opened in the renovated Parliamentary Library and two adjacent wings of the Old Parliament House.

The main objective of the National Portrait Gallery is to enhance the comprehension and admiration of Australian individuals – encompassing our distinctiveness, past traditions, inventiveness, and multiplicity – via the medium of portraiture. We provide various facilities such as exhibition areas for both permanent and temporary displays, a café, a store, rooms for events, a theatre, educational spaces, and underground parking.

National Portrait Gallery

What to do at the National Portrait Gallery

The collection of portraits in the gallery showcases notable Australians (either by birth or association) who have made significant contributions in their respective fields or have a life story that distinguishes them as individuals with enduring public appeal. As of 2020, the National Portrait Gallery has amassed around 3000 portraits in various mediums such as photography, painting, drawing, multimedia, sculpture, and textiles. The collection continues to expand through a careful selection process that involves acquiring and commissioning artworks based on well-thought-out criteria.

From the beginning, the National Portrait Gallery has made it clear that it is a museum that offers a  unique type of visitor experience. This is emphasized by the fact that portraiture allows for close encounters with others, making a national portrait collection an effective way to convey information about our identity, history, and culture. The National Portrait Gallery has shown the adaptability, liveliness, and impact of portraiture through its temporary exhibitions, permanent displays, and related programs. By interpreting the ever-expanding collection, the Gallery provides a way for people to connect with the lives of others. This includes those we admire, dislike, or desire; those who inspire, move, confuse, or intrigue us; those who shed light on historical experiences and circumstances; and all the other individuals, from the past or present, whose lives make us reflect on and understand our own.

National Portrait Gallery

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